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Our Facilities

In MCIS we do not just lay claims to having the best facility, we do have the best in facility and technology.

 Our Classrooms:

Every of our class is well-ventilated and spaced, equipped with modern teaching aids which include the Interactive Boards, Conventional White Boards, Sound System, projectors and desktop. The classroom area has over forty (40) toilet conveniences. The classrooms are designed to accommodate a maximum of 24 students based on 60 square feet per student but the maximum number of students per class in MasterCare International School is 15.


Use of electronic tablets:  

All our senior classes including students of Grade 9 have tablets to facilitate note taking, researches and personal studies.

The Chapel

The MCIS Chapel the hub of spiritual development and recreation. The solemn atmosphere fosters meditation and soul quest. It is equipped with magnetic screen, projector and sophisticated musical equipment in an over two hundred and fifty church-like arranged auditorium.  

The Library:

The well-stocked library proudly named Bereans’ Centre (based on Acts 17:10-11) houses the conventional library system as well as e-library in a fully air-conditioned and tranquil environment. It is a state of the art Library in the arena of school libraries; with a conducive atmosphere, which aid the library users: Staff and students.

The Library has lots of academic materials, which cuts across all disciplines within Cambridge and, WAEC and National Examinations, which aids in the integrated curriculum that MCIS implements.

The Library has an Electronic-Library Solutions (E-Library) that is fully functional with the library softwares fully installed to aid the Library with the various soft copies of various textbooks (both foreign and local) with a 24-hour internet connectivity.



. ICT resources include high-speed Internet, a wireless network which allows computers, a printer and an Interactive White board (Smart board) to be connected.

The amount of teaching time per week each student receives is 160 minutes (i.e. four periods of 40-minute lesson each week). Practical work is carried out once a week, especially on Friday when we have double period of 40 minutes each. Sometimes, additional Saturday practical sessions are also arranged.

We have Internet connection everywhere in the school. It requires a password to log in to check students use of the Internet unsupervised. It is reliable but sometimes it fluctuates depending on the weather. The students use the internet in class mainly during group activities and to take some interactive online test or quiz

The Laboratories

The laboratories accommodate a desktop computer, an Interactive White board and a printer a demonstration table that includes a sink, natural gas connection, and a safety shield. Safety equipment includes a master cut-off switch for electrical power, and a master shut-off switch for gas, a fire blanket, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, an Intercom and a telephone with an outside line in case of emergency


Our laboratories were designed to meet both local and international standards for preparing students for WASSCE and IGCSE examinations. It has the basic lab facilities Our Science laboratory contain the following safety equipment:

Unobstructed access to an eye wash station with a continuous water supply that can flush both eyes at the same time and that is within reach in 10 seconds;

A Safety shower though not functional

Chemical Splash Goggles

First-aid station, which includes a first-aid kit and blood cleanup items;

Fire blanket

Fire extinguishers

Acid spill clean-up station

Chemical and flame-resistant lab coats; and

Non-latex gloves

Prep Room and Chemical Storage Closet

An outside telephone line for emergencies

Chemistry Laboratory:

This is equipped with

Interactive Board


Fume Chamber for the reactions involving dangerous gases

Fire extinguishers

Several separation techniques apparatus

Complete sets of perishables (reagents)

]Atomic Model T.

Beam Balance (Manual & Electronic)

Biology Laboratory:

Here is equipped with

Interactive Board


Model of various systems (skeletal, circulatory, muscular, respiratory systems, etc.)

Electron Microscope

Scientific charts

Fire Extinguishers

Physics Laboratory:

Here is equipped with

Interactive Board



Retort stands

Standard Laboratory table and stool

Catering Craft Laboratory:

The Catering Craft Department is an entrepreneurship unit that helps students acquire knowledge and skills in Food Handling and dispensation. It also enhances students’ ability to prepare varieties of dishes, snacks and drinks for different occasions where such services are required. The Catering Craft Laboratory is well equipped for the students to carry out various shades of practical tasks. Some of our facilities include;

Deep Freezers


Microwave Ovens

Gas Ovens

Cooking utensils

Baking Tools and equipment

Sewing Machines et.c


Language Laboratory:

This is a holistic language-learning centre fully functional at MasterCare and so guarantees language learning in holism. It is equipped and designed to facilitate instructions at the full range of classes taught in the language centre; from the beginner levels of basic listening and speaking to more advanced levels of writing and presentation.

The Constituent parts are:

Wall mounted projector and screen board

Instructional computers and multi-region DVD players

Pro-Sound Portable wireless amplifier

Powerful digital voice recorder with USB cord points and microphones

TV panel

Digital headphones with microphones

Ceiling projector

The “touchdown” instructors’ meeting compartment

The “touchdown” compartment of the language Laboratory is specifically designed for the instructors’ use for interviews, discussion and oral assessments with one or two students.

The laboratory is fully air-conditioned.

Creative (Visual) Art Studio:

Creative Art is made up of all natural or man-made arts that can be seen, touched and performed as ways or means of expressing the individual feelings, ideas and thoughts. It involves manipulative skills and talents expressed creatively.

There are so many ways these ideas, feelings, thoughts, skills, and talents can be expressed – they include drawings as a foundation, paintings with various media, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, and textile designs et.c. Other areas also include performing arts, which include music, dancing, and drama (Soap Opera). Written and oral arts such as poetry and liberal literacy and philosophy et.c. Creative Art is far broader in scope than almost every other subject. Therefore, it is expedient that the contemporary education administrators, parents and students worldwide should be encouraged to embrace this Creative Art. Hence, at MasterCare, the state of the Art Studio for this Programme is too elaborate for description and it is fully functional, manned by an experienced professional in the field. Our students have been involved with exhibition of their skills here



The preferred teaching style is the facilitated/cooperative teaching style. Other teaching styles are also employed depending on the subject, topic, facilities available and the choice of the teacher. we employ student-centred strategies that involve independent and group activities that make students actively participate in my lessons.


Lesson Organisation (40-minute)

5 minutes – Starter activities linking student’s previous knowledge with current topic

5-10 minutes – Teacher guided/facilitated discussion, explanation, demonstration etc

15-25 minutes – Student activity – independent work, group work, practical work, etc

5 minutes – Plenary activities


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