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Why Cambridge Advanced Level?

  1. It is faster– it’s time expedient. It allows for economy of timing. Candidate skips the 100 Level and jumps directly to 200 Level. It could be compressed to 9-10 months (crash programme).
  2. It is recognized all over the world (in any University) i.e. it is not limited to Nigerian Universities.
  3. It is thorough and explicit and it widens the academic horizon of the students
  4. It can be used at any time– the life span of the result is durable and enduring.
  5. From Statistics, over 90% of A’ Level candidates end up with at least a second class upper (2:1) in the University. This is because the A’ Level syllabus covers in totality the 100L, 200L and even a sizeable segment of the 300L curriculum in the University.
  6. It enhances maturity in the candidates- Mature programme for mature minds.
  7. It enhances, stirs and arouses a sense of focus/goal setting in candidates to the extent that the most unserious students will be compelled to sit tight as he/she will continue to see the examination as a serious project before him/her.
  8. It is a noteworthy certificate.
  9. It helps or boosts critical thinking and evaluation of an array of issues of life.
  10. It is affordable.
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