The following rules are binding on All Advanced Level Students:

  1. Student must ensure proper care of all school properties such as: Doors, windows, fans, wall socket, water closets, walls etc.
  2. No graffiti: the wall must not be defaced.
  3. It is mandatory that students attend lectures; this will be checked on daily basis.
  4. Absenteeism from classes without permission will attract a stiff penalty.
  5. Morning devotion is compulsory for students.
  6. Fighting and rough play is totally prohibited.
  7. Stealing in any form attracts the penalty of immediate expulsion.
  8. Every student is expected to clock in at the gate on entering the school premises and must clock out on leaving at the close of school.
  9. Every student who bring in a laptop must register it at the main gate on entering the school premises.
  10. No instrument that can be used as a weapon should be brought into the school compound.
  11. On no occasion must a student be found smoking or drinking alcohol in the school.
  12. Any form of narcotic substances is totally prohibited.

There is an established Act of Discipline which is divided into:


  • The following are not allowed amongst students:
  • Lateness to classes
  • Loitering during class periods
  • Absenteeism/Truancy
  • Noise making in classes or school area
  • Refusal to do assignment
  • Switching on of cell phones during classes
  • Eating/chewing in class
  • Listening to “Walkman” or any audio device in class
  • Watching films during school hours is prohibited
  • Immoral behaviour with the opposite sex
  • Hosting of visitors in classrooms
  • The use of offensive/abusive languages and derogatory terms
  • Playing of games (Indoor outdoor)
  • Carrying/using a “Walkman” or any audio device.
  • Hugging opposite sex
  • Sitting on the lap of opposite sex
  • Sleeping or lying down on opposite sex


The following dressing styles are not allowed within the school premises:

  • Mono strap tops
  • Spaghetti strapped tops
  • Bust-fitted tops
  • Above the knee length skirt and dresses
  • Belly revealing tops
  • Tight fitting dresses
  • Dresses that exposes pants
  • Use of bathroom slippers or palm slippers of any kind
  • Face cap, scarf & earring among male students
  • Bushy hair styles and beard among male students
  • Designed haircuts and beard among male students
  • No three quarter (3/4) shorts

A violation of any of the above listed rules (apart from stealing) will attract punitive/corrective measures as recommended by the Disciplinary Committee that is headed by Dean of Students Affairs.

Any other acts not included above that the School’s Dean of students Affairs finds inappropriate will as well attract punishments.