About us

  • MCIS at a Glance
  • MasterCare International School was established in 2014 by the astute educationist, Her Excellency Dcns. Roli Nere Uduagan, in response to a mandate to raise godly and impactful leaders who would hold the reins of power without ethnic biases; future leaders who would render selfless

service to man as unto God with global excellence. 

  • About us

MasterCare school comprises the Pre-school, the Junior Primary School, the Senior Primary School, the Junior Secondary School and the Senior School. The secondary school has the capacity to accommodate 1500 boarders. It is situated at a serene and exclusive area of Asaba, Delta State and shares same boundary (fence) with the Delta State House of Assembly.

  • Why Choose MasterCare International School?
    • Computer Aided/E-learning Approach to learning
    • Fully Equipped Laboratories & Library
    • Limited Class size
    • Professional and Internationally Trained Teachers
    • State of the Art Hostel Accommodation
    • Highly Secured Premises
  • MasterCare International School was established as a private institution to raise godly and impactful leaders. The vision was birthed in response to a desire for a crop of global intellectuals who would serve humanity with a God-guided competence and equity: having crucified ethnical biases.
  • Management Team:
    • The school is governed by the Implementation Board, made up of professional eminent Nigerians; driven with a genuine passion for education. The Implementation Board takes major decisions concerning the school whereas the Principal and Head Teacher handle the day-to-day running of the School (Primary and Secondary).
  • Vision: To raise a new generation of global heroes of men and women of character in the fear of God.
  • Mission: To discover, mentor and release the next generation of innovative heroes through a Christ-centred international Curriculum and networking platforms thereby redefining educational standards.
  • Values:
    • H-Heroes
    • E-Excellence
    • R-Responsibilities
    • O-Order
    • E-Entrepreneurship
    • S-Solutions


  • Efficient Teachers:
    • Our teaching staff are the crop of the finest professionals made up of dedicated educators. Over 85% of our teaching staff are Cambridge certified while the others are in the process of acquiring their international certifications.
  • School Laboratories: All the laboratories are equipped with contemporary equipment to accommodate all-learner types. The array of laboratories ranging from the Chemistry lab, the Physics lab, the Biology lab, the Home Economics lab, the ICT lab, the Creative Art and Craft lab to the Clothing and Garment lab portrays the commitment of MasterCare International at ensuring no stone is left unturned in enforcing every of her students’ education.
  • ICT: At MCIS, we are technology driven. From staff to students, everyone is mandatorily engaged in one form of ICT use or the other. 60% of our examinations are computer-based and we run a 24 hours censored-internet connection available to staff and students to enable researches.
  • All our examination classes (grades 9 and 12) have laptops and tablets to facilitate past examination question drills, note-taking, researches and personal studies.
  • Admission Requirement (Application Process):
  • The following are general admission requirements for MasterCare International School:
    • Secondary School: “Application Form”
    • Application Fee of N7,000 (non-refundable)
    • Submission of Application Form and Other Required Documents
    • Copy of Student’s Most Recent Promotion/Report Card
    • Scheduled Placement Exam
    • Applicant-Parent Interview

The Admissions Committee afterwards evaluate all information and a decision thereafter would be communicated within five (5) working days of completion of application process. Applicants should arrive at 9am prompt for placement/entrance examination.

  • Our Facilities: In MCIS we do not just lay claims to having the best facility, we do have the best in facility and technology. MasterCare is committed to producing a conducive learning environment hence, distances are covered in ensuring state-of-the-art facilities and contemporary technology to facilitate educational trends for all learner types. Resultantly, every pupil/student that has gone through the tutelage of MasterCare is confident, disciplined, a team-player who also is committed to personal goal attainment.
  • MasterCare ICT is the best of its kind with interactive whiteboards in all classes, e-library, fully equipped ICT room with projectors and doctored internet facilities. MCIS school runs a robust Computer Based Test for all subjects taught
  • International Relevance: Our goal to raise a crop of global students have had us go on excursions beyond our shores. As a school, our last excursion was from Great Britain to France in a two week vacation.
  • Affiliations with Plymouth University London: Our MOU with this prestigious institution serves as a plus to our students who wish to study abroad.
  • Our Curriculum:
    • MasterCare has successfully blended the Nigerian and British curricula and have presented students to undergraduate programmes in Nigeria, Britain and Canada. MCIS secondary curriculum attracts rigorous classroom sessions which is further intensified by mandatory night preps. 
  • All classrooms are well-ventilated and spaced, equipped with modern teaching aids which include the Interactive Boards, Conventional White Boards, Sound System, projectors and desktops. The classroom area has over forty (40) conveniences (washrooms). An average class size is 20 with a teacher: student ratio of 1:5.
  • The well-stocked library proudly named Bereans’ Centre (based on Acts 17:10-11) houses the conventional library system as well as e-library in a fully air-conditioned and tranquil environment. The stock covers all materials necessary for local and international exam.
  • Our Meals:
  • The meals are a combination of local and international cuisines by professional chefs in a neat environment. Our students truly relish the spicy African delicacies of ‘owo’ with fresh fish served with starch, gbanga with offals served with eba to mention a few. 
  • The Chapel is the hub of spiritual development and recreation. The solemn atmosphere fosters meditation and soul quest. It is equipped with magnetic screen, projector and sophisticated musical equipment in an over two hundred and fifty sitter auditorium. 
  • Healing Bay: MasterCare International School maintains a full-time (in-house), experienced nurses in the well-stocked Healing Bay to attend to minor medical cases that may occur at the school. Moreover, the school is located in the heart of the city with easy access to good hospitals. Parents whose children have severe allergies, medical conditions or special medication have ease of access to the school nurses for updates and drug refills. *No student, under any circumstance, is allowed to have any drugs in his/her possession (except epi-pens). * Any student who develops a medical case more serious than can be handled by the school nurses will be immediately transported to a nearby affiliated hospital and the student’s parents   
  • Boarding, Hostels and Recreation:
  • MCIS offers top-of-the-line boarding for our students. The vision for a boarding where unnecessary restrictions at reaching one’s ward(s) are sidelined has been achieved. Parents and guardians are granted monitored access to their wards on a regular basis through visits and telephone calls.
  • MCIS Vocational Study (Entrepreneurial Skills)

All MasterCare International School students are actively engaged in entrepreneurial skills where they are taught by professionals to on skills such as:

  • Cosmetology
  • Barbing
  • Braiding
  • Knitting and crocheting
  • Tailoring/ Garment making etc.
  • School Tour for Potential Parents

We invite you and our potential pupils/students to visit us for a tour of our facilities from Monday through Wednesday between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

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