Most frequent questions and answers

We offer the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination for Junior Secondary as well as the equivalent state (BECE) and national (NECO) examinations.

A minimum of five with the mandatory English Language and Mathematics.

We run the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in a three-year programme that cumulates with the examination in the final year.

The in-house nurse examines the student and contacts the school management. A decision is immediately taken. The hospital and student’s parents are informed. The student is taken to the hospital in the company of the one of the nurses, a management staff and a security operative.

When symptoms persist for more than 3days with  medication. When it involves an accident. When the student resist medication.

We run full boarding school and have also consented to allowing grades 7 and 8 students who may have difficulties adjusting to boarding life straight from the primary school to come from home. Our moderate school fees cater for the groups mentioned above. Please contact the school administration for further details.

Only students of grades 7 and 8 have this privilege.

This is totally prohibited in MasterCare International School

Our students have no business transacting with money in school. This also is prohibited.

With a clear MOU, this is considered.

Management had made arrangements for excursion to the USA and Canada respectively before the Covid19 pandemic. The arrangements still hold sway.